Thursday, July 11, 2013

South Australian Maritime Museum - Port Adelaide

We visited the South Australian Maritime Museum yesterday for a special school holiday event. We went with a homeschool group to enjoy the play "Shipwrecked".

Despite the fact I grew up in Adelaide, I don't know the area of Port Adelaide very well at all. It was a beautiful sunny, winter day (yep, only in Adelaide) so we decided to explore the port.

We walked along the water and admired the heritage buildings and stopped at a cute little cafe' for a coffee and orange juice.

The maritime museum has a ship that the kids can explore on and play in. The boys spent most of their time playing pirates and exploring the ship before we explored the rest of the museum.

After the play we went to climb the old lighthouse which is free with your museum entry.

We also stopped to consider going on a dolphin cruise. But there was no need as the dolphins were 'playing' right beside the boat so we sat and watched them for FREE!

So, our day out at Port Adelaide was great success!

Next time we visit the area we will visit the Port Dock Train museum!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

All About Homophones

homophones homeschool

We LOVE this resource!

All About Homophones is a resource created by the team at All About Learning Press. We have been using All About Spelling since the beginning of the year and really enjoy the multi-sensory lessons and were fortunate to receive a copy of this new homophone resource for homeschoolers.

This homophone resource includes engaging worksheets, games and activities and even a graphic organiser to assist with visual learning. It also starts at the beginning and is suitable for kids as young as 6  (year 1) and continues to progress in complexity until about year 8. It's a complete resource - for homophones!

My kids love homophones. They swell with pride when they discover a new homophone from real life and I love to see their brains ticking away as they work through the complexities of the English language. In fact, I was quite surprised at how fascinated they were with homophones. They seem to have a genuine fascination and interest in this topic.

The worksheets are short and sweet and because my kids enjoy the topic they are happy to sit and do one or so each week. We will continue to use this resource as a regular part of our weekly homeschool.

All about homophones is a fantastic resource for homesechoolers and is reasonably priced too.

Currently there are no Australian stockists for this resource that I'm aware of (please let me know!) so this resource will need to be purchased through All About Learning press.

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this resource for the purpose of review. My review is genuine and honest.