Saturday, December 8, 2018

Car-schooling with Jonathon Park Audio Adventures

 creation science

I once asked a seasoned homeschooler how she managed to fit so many activities and events around 'schoolwork'. She told me she had mastered the art of car-schooling!

Plenty of learning takes place in the car: Organic discussion of topics, answering questions, reading and the odd math quiz...and then she mentioned audio books. 

We had only ever attempted an audio book in the car, once, and then a little person shoved chips into the CD player and that was the end to audio books.

But recently I got a new car - one from the 2000's - that has bluetooth capability and all of a sudden, audio books were back!

The problem? Finding ones engaging enough that kids actually want to listen, that doesn't make me fall asleep while driving and is relevant for 3 boys aged
8 - 12.

Enter: Jonathon Park audio adventures.

creation science

These. Are. Brilliant. 

These are highly engaging stories based around a family of creation scientists who go on all sorts of adventures while defending their faith with scientific evidence, learning life lessons and growing in Godly character. 

It's wholesome, positive listening for Christian kids with some great science lessons and character studies thrown in. 

It's important to let you know that these audio books are American so they can  be a tad, um, cheesy at times. However, a little 'cheese' never hurt anyone and personally, I feel it counteracts some of the rubbish our kids watch on TV and youtube these days.

However, my boys didn't think it was cheesy at all - they loved it.  

We listened to an entire series on a big family drive and they kept asking for more! It also inspired some great questions paving the way for deep and meaningful conversation and encouragement. 

I LOVE Jonathon Park and highly recommend it for Christian families.

You can download the series on the website on to your phone so you can play at home on speakers or even better, in the car! 

You can also subscribe so you get unlimited access which works out more convenient if your kids (and you) get really into it! 

Visit the website for holiday discounts

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Car-schooling with Jonathon Park Audio Adventures

  I once asked a seasoned homeschooler how she managed to fit so many activities and events around 'schoolwork'. She told ...