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Homeschool Inspiration Today


A Trip To The Melbourne Museum - The Homeschool Experience

Just last week we had the opportunity to travel with my husband for work and spent the week in Melbourne. We visited friends, enjoyed science works and spent nearly a whole day at the Melbourne museum and the surrounding parks and playgrounds. We had a ball!

Here are 2 of my boys building in Mesopotamia!

....and where was my other son?

... over here performing his own puppet show!

My boys spent almost an hour doing these activities. The museum was (clearly) very quiet so they were able to play in the the children's activity museum interruption free.

I sat back, fed the baby, and watched them. I watched them explore. I watched them create.I watched them play. I watched their little brains ticking away..thinking..thinking...and I fell in love with homeschooling all over again!

It was during this time that something fascinating happened. As I watched my boys playing, a group of school children arrived. They were told to line up directly in front of my boys activities. These school c…