About Us

Let me introduce you to my family.....

Mr 11 - loves making movies for his youtube channel, reading and coming up with creative ways to make money - an entrepreneur in the making! 

Mr 9 - loves star wars, science and lego - an engineer in the making! 

Mr 7 - loves sport and being outside. He wants to be a missionary when he grows up! 

Miss 4 - has special needs so her 'homeschooling' exists in the form of a home based neuroplasticity program. To find out more about what we do with her specifically please visit her page Recovering Emma

Last but not least is my amazing husband who I adore.

So, this is my family. My loves. My life.

And our homeschooling journey continues...................

modern homeschool family Australia
This photo was taken when we began homeschooling in 2012


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