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Finishing The Homeschool Year Strong!

I can hardly believe it's December - the year has flown!

Here we are thinking about Christmas crafts and trips to the city to see Christmas displays when I feel like the year has just begun. Where did the time go?

Despite the fact this year has had the usual ebb and flow of beautiful homeschooling moments combined with tear your hair out and "That's're going back to school" moments, I want to make sure we finish the year strong. Last year, we fizzled out as lessons got less and less frequent with the busyness of Christmas concerts and family events so that everyone, including me, lost their motivation and getting back into it at the beginning of the new year was a struggle.

How can we finish the year strong?

Looking back at what we've achieved
This is great for the kids to look back and see what they've achieved. This year we finished 2A and (almost) 2B of Singapore maths with both boys. DS5 completed his 100 book reading challenge and DS7 has tac…