Friday, September 21, 2012

First Day Of Homeschool For DS5

Yesterday was DS5's first official day of homeschooling after he graduated from kindy on Thursday and turned 5 in August.

It was a day that once again confirmed to me and the kids that homeschooling offers us a lifestyle that is just, well, fun!

The morning began with a circkidz workshop. This was organised by the homeschool network. About 25 children met together to engage in different activities like trampolining, trapeze and tightrope. The staff worked beautifully to both encourage and challenge the kids to take risks and develop their physical skills.

DS5 was one of the younger kids but has such a positive attitude. How I wish I could be more like him! He just persists and keeps trying even though he was one of the younger, smaller kids there and some of the tasks were quite challenging.

We went home for lunch then it was back out for some homeschool swimming lessons. This was DS5's very first swimming lesson and once again I was just so proud of him as despite being a little fearful he gave it a go. He followed every instruction and attempted every task offered him even putting his head under water which I know would have been scary for him.

I love that as a homeschooling parent I get to see his character develop.

I don't want to miss a thing!


I'm excited and a little nervous about homeschooling 2 boys at once. This will no doubt produce new challenges and new adventures for all of us which I will continue to share.

Welcome to homeschool DS5!

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