Friday, October 5, 2012

Story Of The World - Teaching History

After reading the well trained mind I'm inspired! I'm finding myself drawn to a classical style of homeschooling with plenty of time for free-learning and creativity. I love the strong literature focus of the classical style so I decided to follow some of the recommendations which include the grammar workbooks called first language lessons and the introduction of history even for the younger kids.

The history curriculum is called the story of the world. Susan Wise Bauer explains that history is the most absorbing and enthralling story you can tell a young child because it's true!

I ordered volume 1: Ancient times which is designed as a child's first introduction to history. I bought the narrative and the workbook.

We completed the first lesson over two days this week. It was an introduction to the idea of history and activities centered around finding out their own history and the history of our family. teach the kids about their own history we got out their baby boxes...

DS5 loved looking at the photo's of when he lived in my tummy and learning more about where he was born. He also enjoyed looking at the cards.

We also discovered some interesting things...

This was the unfortunate cover of the newspaper the day that DS5 was born!

And this was the very creepy gift from my mother in law that went straight into that baby box!

DS6 loved reading the scrapbook I made of his first year of life. His brothers asked why they didn't have one and I had to explain that once I had more than one child I just didn't have time!

Both boys loved reading their cards and looking at the 'gross' photo's of when they were born!

The boys loved this exercise (so did I!) and it was a brilliant introduction to history.

At the moment they are so enthusiastic they want to do 'history' every day! 

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