Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Maths With The "Life Of Fred"

I first heard about the Life Of Fred on the Rockpool Homeschool Forum. It was suggested to other homeschoolers as a math resource for kids who found maths boring or were difficult to engage.

We use Singapore maths as our maths curriculum.Singapore maths is a complete curriculum and we love it. My boys have maths brains and I want to make sure they continue enjoying it so I try to make maths as fun and engaging as possible. We have loads of maths manipulatives and games but I wanted to find something that got them thinking about maths in a 'real' way.

So I decided to buy the first book in the Life Of Fred series to see what is was like.

The Life Of Fred is a maths curriculum that is written like a chapter book with pictures. Each chapter contains a story about Fred with some maths lessons thrown in. It concludes with some practical application where you read out a series of questions and kids write the answers in a blank notebook. Each chapter builds on the knowledge from the previous chapter.

But, what level to start on?

This is a curriculum much like All about spelling where regardless of where children are at - you start at the beginning. The first book in the series is Apples. Although the first few chapters are very basic for my boys who are doing Singapore maths 2B, it gets them 'thinking' about maths in a different way and so far they haven't complained that it's 'easy'.

Even my 3yo is happy to sit and listen to the stories which are only a few pages long. 

I wouldn't use the Life Of Fred as a stand alone curriculum but I think it's a great supplement and so far we are enjoying it! 

In Australia you can buy the Life Of Fred from Adnil Press.

Disclaimer: I did this review because I wanted to!  
I did not receive any products in exchange for this review!


  1. We've started using LOF this year too!!! :-)

  2. How have you found the non Australian content, such as measurement (miles, feet) money (dimes, quarters) etc?


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