Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Our Trip To Seaworld - Gold Coast

homeschooling seaworld

We had an awesome holiday recently on the Gold Coast. One of the highlights was two days at Seaworld.

Homeschooling Australia Seaworld
This was our first trip to Seaworld since our eldest was 3 so it was a different experience with the kids old enough to sit and enjoy the shows such as fish detectives. We scored a seat right at the front and were so close to the seals that the boys could almost reach out and touch them!

homeschooling seaworld Australia

One of the newer attractions at Seaworld is dinosaur island and the dinosaur discovery centre. The dinosaurs are life sized which is truly amazing to see and the discovery centre is fantastic. I was explaining some of the exhibits to the boys and how they learn what dinosaurs used to eat by their poo. At the end, I asked the boys what they learnt about dinosaurs and DS3 piped up, "I learnt that dinosaurs eat poo". Not quite son, but good try! This has inspired  the boys to learn more about dinosaurs so we are re-visiting some books and studies on dinosaurs.

homeschooling Australia
 The dolphin show is always my favourite - God's creation is amazing!

homeschooling seaworld Australia

Pirate bay was also new and includes a boat ride which involves shooting cannons with water and an impressive climbing structure - like an enormous play center. The boys loved this!

homeschooling Australia
Of course there was plenty of time to enjoy the rides too!

Another highlight was the shark viewing aquarium - I could have spent all day just sitting and watching the fish, stingrays and sharks - truly beautiful.The penguins were also awesome.

If you are a homeschooling family and planning a trip to the Gold Coast, Seaworld is fantastic and well worth the trip. I also recommend getting a pass that allows you to visit more than once as it means you can take your time and enjoy and appreciate everything it has to offer.

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