Tuesday, January 7, 2014

First Day Of Homeschool 2014

It's a new year!

If you're thinking, wow it's only January 8th - are you crazy? let me fill you in. We homeschool all year round. This doesn't mean we homeschool every day of the year. It simply means we don't take long breaks so we can afford to take little breaks during the year for holidays, special occasions, my work commitments or even just a mental health day (week). I have a full on work schedule for term 1 so the next few weeks are a homeschooling intensive to account for the fact life will be a little hectic for 11 weeks or so. The good news however, is that I have made a big decision about my work / homeschool / life balance or lack thereof and will be working MUCH less from term 2 onwards. It is such a relief just writing that!

So here are my little cherubs (?).

I can't believe he's in year 3 this year!

This boy is an absolute JOY to homeschool!

DS4 will actually be going to 2 days of sessional kindergarten this year. The older boys went and the particular kindergarten he will attend is beautiful with amazingly dedicated and talented staff.  DS4 begged to go and after wrestling with the idea we decided he would enjoy it and it would mean that for those days I could focus on the big boys.

For anyone who is interested here is our list of curriculum for 2014.


  1. how cute are those signs! where did you print them? or did you make them? Im going to do this for my Kindergardener this year :-)

  2. oh and your boys are adorable too :-)


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