Thursday, February 6, 2014

When Your 8 Year Old Wants To Be An Entrepreneur.....

I first heard about Camp Kidpreneur from a fellow homeschooler. It sounded like the perfect experience for my 8yo who has always been interested in shops and sales and has been running a store out of his bedroom for the past 6 months. Admittedly, running a business is in his genes, but certainly not from me!

2 years ago we held a garage sale so the kids could earn some money toward our Gold Coast holiday. DS8 organised can's of cool drinks and chocolates for the people browsing our stuff. Clearly, they couldn't resist his charm and he made more money from selling the drinks and chocolates than from his toys! It was the first time I'd observed a keen interest in the 'idea' of business. He took great joy in adding up his earnings and subtracting his expenses. I began to see that his interest came from within and since we had recently taken the plunge into homeschooling we were now blessed with the time and freedom to support this developing passion and watch it grow.

Club Kidpreneur is a not-for-profit social enterprise seeking to encourage entrepreneurial thinking in children on a national level.

Creativity and innovation are two of the benefits of homeschooling and the philosophy of Club Kidpreneur is exactly that - to inspire creativity and innovation in the next generation.

DS8 absolutely loved his experience attending the 4 day camp held in the school holidays and selling his merchandise at the market day (above). He even won an award for his innovative idea to sell gaming characters made from Lego that he had designed himself. He made a whopping $120 profit from his market stall and it really instilled in him the confidence to continue. It also made me realise that it is my responsibility as a homeschooling mum to continue to grow and nurture his interest in being an entrepreneur as best I can.

If you child has any interest in running a business I highly recommend checking out their website and resources or attending the camps they run in school holidays.

For DS8, this is only the beginning and I'm excited about where this interest will take him!

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