Thursday, December 21, 2017

Homeschool Curriculum 2018 - Did someone say highschool?

2018 marks our 6th year of learning, laughing (and crying) together at home.

When we first began homeschooling the most common question after, "But, how will you stay sane?" was "But what on earth will you do for highschool????".

I had no idea - my son was 6 and secondary education seemed a million years away....

Then... just like that we have an almost 12 year old ready for highschool.

ME: Did you realise year 7 is the beginning of highschool?
HIM: Nope. So am I going to go to a highschool?
ME:, do you want to go to a highschool?
HIM: No - not really.

And so begins those 'highschool' years - at home.

After initially freaking out about what I needed to change to get more 'serious' about schoolwork and put a stop to all this 'fun' we were having,  I received some wise advice.

If what you are doing is working - why do you need to change anything just because he's in highschool?

So I cancelled the booking with the boring old English professor and packed my Bunsen burner away realising that this was only going to be as complicated as I made it....for now.

So this year I will homeschool a 12, 10 and 8 year old and here is our resource list.

I want to reinforce that homeschooling is so much more than curriculum and resources - it's about giving our kids the freedom to direct their own learning and allowing them to find and explore their passions. Our focus has always been getting out and exploring and enjoying the world together...but when we are at home - this is what we have on hand.


Singapore maths

Once they hit level 6 - maths got REALLY hard (for me).
Maths teaching has now been delegated to my husband who thankfully is a maths wiz.
The 2 older boys do the same level to keep things simple.

Maths is reinforced with lessons on studyladder online and various ipad apps.


We have taken a relaxed classical approach to literacy based on classical method outlined in the well trained mind.

 Image result for writing with ease


Image result for well trained mind books


We use All About Spelling for my 8yo and sequential spelling for the other 2 but we only do this occasionally as they have good visual memories so don't really need to work on spelling.


This is our absolute favourite subject - including mine.

This year, we are using a bible based history curriculum so it starts with history documented in bible and how it lines up with other historical documents and accounts. We have used a few history curriculum's in the past like SOTW but I find history makes so much more sense and takes on a new relevance when we start at the beginning.

We will also look at Australian history.


Move over science - history is our focus this year! We have a bookshelf full of science books and will go where the boys interest leads. We also have a membership to the University science club which holds events and activities throughout the year and will continue lots of hands on experiments at home.


Music is a big part of our life. 2 of my boys play the piano and the other 2 the drums and have various opportunities throughout the year to play in bands and perform.

We also make the most of community, cultural and homeschool arts events during the year.

Physical Education

We usually begin our day with a run and some brain gym.

The boys are active and love sports and plan to continue basketball and tennis. They will attend a basketball camp for a week in January and will continue their weekly homeschool parkour group this year.

Homeschooling is the hardest but most rewarding decision we have ever made for our family and now that I've decided not to freak out about highschool.........

Bring on 2018!

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