Tuesday, June 5, 2012

De-schooling - Welcome Back Son!

It has only been three weeks and experts suggest it takes months for a child who has been in mainstream school to de-school and adjust to a new learning environment. I'm already seeing some really positive changes in his behavior and attitude not just towards me as his new 'teacher' but to life in general.

So, what have I noticed?

He is more confident

He is now in an environment of encouragement where he can build his confidence. He is learning that who he is is exactly who God made him to be. He doesn't have to be good at soccer or watch hours of Nickelodeon to be liked. He is liked and loved by his family and our close friends and is beginning to learn that his value is beyond peer group acceptance.

He no longer has to survive in a school environment because he can thrive at home!

He is more polite

Hello manners!

This was the first thing I noticed. He was suddenly saying please and thank you but in a way that seemed genuine for the very first time. It wasn't something 'forced' upon him but something that suddenly clicked. I now reassure him that I appreciate his manners as it reflects an attitude shift.

I suspect that spending more time in a consistent environment has helped. At school politeness isn't always essential so he probably just learnt what he could get away with and then had to adjust to coming home to different expectations. 

He is happy

My son is happy as opposed to moody, flat and exhausted. In fact, I don't mind his crazy hyperactive moments as at least I know he's happy. I can see he is content and that makes ME happy!

 DS6 is making beautiful progress and even felt confident enough to walk through his old school this afternoon to pick up his brother from kindy.  I'm really proud of him!

The de-schooling process will continue but for now, I am seeing so many positive changes in his attitude and interactions that I am encouraged to persist through the difficulties.

I feel like the son I know and love is slowly coming back.

Welcome back Son!

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