Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Home made Christmas Gifts - Rainbow Playdough

homemade playdough recipe
Every year I try desperately not to buy in to the consumerism of Christmas. Sadly, I often still find myself in a mad panic rushing through K-mart on Christmas Eve with a trolley full of, um, stuff.

These experiences inspired the creation of my ebook Consumer-less kids - A gift guide for the kids who have everything. It discusses how to buy, or not buy, for kids who have everything. It discusses how home made gifts are such a thoughtful alternative to mass-produced store-bought um, stuff.

So, we got to work making playdough gifts.

playdough homeschool


  • white flour – 1 cup
  • salt – 2 tbsps
  • cream of tartar – 2 tbsps
  • cooking oil – 4 tbsps
  • warm water – 1 cup
  • Jelly – 1 pack


  • Add all the ingredients together in a big mixing bowl
  • Mix all the ingredients together until consistent
  • Pour into a saucepan and stir continuously
  • Wait for it to thicken into a big ball and then place it on some grease-proof paper to cool
  • Knead it for a few minutes once cooled with some flour
  • Add any food coloring or glitter to spice things up
  • It’s ready for playing or gifting
rainbow playdough

We used small baby food jars for each of the colours and squished them in and then tied a matching ribbon around each colour. We placed them in a small gift box and it made a beautiful rainbow Christmas gift!

We also used a simpler approach using a tupperware (or any plastic container) and placing blobs of playdough and then wrapping up the container with some Christmas ribbon.

playdough gift for kids
The boys experimented with mixing colours. This one actually looks okay but the so good.

Thankfully there was also some left over for playing!

playdough homeschool

This was a fun home school activity.

So there you have it, an easy home made rainbow playdough gift idea for Christmas!

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