Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Easy Christmas Advent Calendar

homeschool advent calendar

I have a confession to make.

I don't like craft.

There. I said it.

What good homeschooling mother doesn't like craft? You might ask. Well, me.

So, when craft happens in our homeschool I'm going to blog about it!

So, on December 1st I reluctantly embarked on an exciting adventure to find out how to make an advent calendar. I browsed a few on the net but felt overwhelmed - they all looked so HARD! I needed something simple. I decided to brave the shops and see what I could find.

I found myself at a low priced department store. I bought a sheet of red cardboard which was a good start.

I then looked around for some Christmas stickers.

homeschool advent calendar

Then I stumbled across some cute gift tags and had the idea of just sticking the gift tags on the cardboard - one for each day.

My son suggested we write a special Christmas activity for each day and write a tick box to tick off when each one was completed. I thought this was a great idea.

homeschool advent calendar
My two older boys then stuck stickers all over it.

So, here is our advent calendar.

This was easy peasy to make and only cost about $3!

If I can make a great looking advent calendar - then anyone can do it! 

(You may have noticed our advent calendar only has 24 cards but that's because we celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve in our family.)

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  1. I love this idea Tara! Don't say you aren't creative! You clearly ARE!

    I'm going to do this... maybe even today!



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