Thursday, February 21, 2013

Homeschool Swimming Lessons

homeschool swimming lessons

Look at my unsocialized homeschoolers at their swimming class!

homeschool swimming class

This is just one of the weekly activites my homeschoolers do. We love this class and we love the boys swimming coach. He is great with kids although they occassionally struggle with his dry sense of humour - makes me giggle though!

This swimming class was organised by a parent who approached a swim center to see if they would offer a class during the day for homeschoolers. Although it costs the same as a regular swim class we are so happy it fits in to our schedule and we don't have to compete with the after school crowds!

The coach is also happy for my 3 year old to splash around while the boys participate in their class. This is great because he thinks he's part of it too!

homeschool swimming class

My boys love their homeschool swimming class!

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