Sunday, March 10, 2013

Artventure - Helping Kids Create Masterpieces At Home

online art lessons for kids

We found out about Artventure through another homeschooling family who recommended it.

So, what is it? Artvenutre is a series on online videos which give step-by-step instructions for kids to create works of art at home.  Each artwork is linked to the Australian National Curriculum and the instructions are really simple for kids to follow.

I admit I was cynical but my boys LOVED it. The first time I set them up with the laptop to watch the online lesson they spent 2 hours creating works of art.

My 7 year old is very creative and is always making things, writing stories and drawing picutres so I expected him to enjoy it. My 5 year old however, is very academic and I've never really seen him explore his 'creative' side. But since doing artventure regularly he has gained confidence in his ability to create beautiful artwork and has been using the techniques he's learnt to create pictures spontaneously.

The above masterpiece was created by my 5 year old son.

online art lessons for kids

This was done with pastels but it suggests on the site to have a set of pastels and watercolor paints which we went and purchased later that day! 

I highly recommend this program to other homeschooling families. It's brilliant and means that kids are recieving professional art instruction at home. This is great if 'art' is not your thing as a homeschooler as I know it's not my strength - I'm sure I'm not alone.

Artventure is kindly offering homeschoolers a 40% discount on their yearly subscription.You will gain full access for one year to the entire library of video lessons, extras and the gallery of artworks (where kids can upload their artwork too). This licence can be used by anyone living within your home.

 Artventure Huge Discount for Homeschoolers

Check out this link for more info:   Artventure Homeschooler Offer


  1. That looks great and a lot of fun as well!

  2. We use artventure too and it is fantastic! My almost-5 year old daughter has an absolute ball watching the videos and then recreating the artwork. They are well done videos too, with extra little tidbits of information thrown in, as well as the actual, simple, easy-to-follow directions. I have to admit to doing a couple of them myself and I'm not very arty! We did exactly the same thing as you and ran off to buy proper watercolour paints the day we started the videos!


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