Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Teaching The Easter Story With Cooking!

 My children have been captivated with the Easter story this year which truly warms my heart. They have asked so many questions and something is stirring within them. My 7yo became quite emotional when we talked about Jesus suffering and said, "Wow, God must love us A LOT!".

I stumbled across this simple Easter idea on Pinterest  for making Resurrection buns to teach part of the Easter story.

Each part of the recipe symbolises a part of the Easter story. I got the idea from this website but I've adjusted the recipe for Australians here.


8 Large White Marshmallows
Melted butter (or butter alternative like nuttelex)
Cinnamon sugar
2 Sheets of puff pastry

The marshmallow represents Jesus - perfect and pure and without sin (white).

You dip the marshmallow into the melted butter to symbolise the embalming oils they put on his body.

Then you dip the marshmallow into the Cinnamon sugar which represents the spices that they use to cover his body in preparation for burial.

Finally, the puff pastry symbolises the cloth that his body was wrapped in and the oven represents the tomb. I cut each piece of puff pastry into quarters and let the kids put 'Jesus' into the middle and wrap him up!

I then used the leftover butter to brush over the pastry and sprinkled the remaining cinnamon sugar.

No, you don't leave the pastries in the oven for 3 days - just 15 minutes at 180c will do!

When kids go to eat it they realise Jesus is no longer there and has risen! It is then an opportunity to discuss the Resurrection - which most kids seem to find pretty cool.

This was a really fun, simple and easy Easter activity to do with kids! 

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