Introduction - meet my family!

Australian homeschool

 This is a blog about our homeschooling adventure! Please join us for the ride!

If you are interested in homeschooling or are already a homeschooler you may find this blog helpful. I hope you do! If not, you may find the updates of our organisation, planning and progress a little tedious. I decided to create a seperate blog to MUMmedia for that reason - figured homeschooling isn't everyone's thing!

Let me introduce you to my family.....

This is my firstborn son (known as DS6) who is six years old. He's a bookworm. I have a photo of him 'reading' a book when he was 6 weeks old - little did I know it was the shaping of things to come! He loves to read and has just begun writing the most beautiful stories. He is sweet, sensitive and very creative.

This is my second born son DS4 who is four years old. He is such a deep thinker and amazes me with the questions he asks and the things he says. He sees the world very differently. God has given him a real gift of intelligence and I am excited about what is to come!

This is my wild DS2. As a baby, I would call him "my little ball of sunshine" as this defines him beautifully. He has always been a happy child and so full of joy that I often wish I could be more like him. When I was pregnant I sensed he was going to have red hair and become a football player. Well, he has red hair and an obsessive interest in sport. At just two years old he is drawn to anything sporty e.g is quite happy to walk around holding a tennis racquet. I'm starting to see an athletic ability emerging as he confidently dribbles a basketball and rides a mean scooter.

This is my precious daughter. The one we never thought we would have! Our surprise bundle has just begun delighting us with her beautiful smiles and giggles. She is doted on by her three big brothers who are completely smitten with her!

Last but not least is my amazing husband who I adore.

So, this is my family. My loves. My life.

And our homeschooling journey begins...................


  1. Hello, tried to comment on this from my phone and it just kept going back to the same form, so if you have received 10 copies of the same comment, then please accept my apologies....
    A friend of yours just gave me this blog address. Lovely to read about your family and look forward to reading about your journey. I have found a site that has been useful/encouraging in my journey that you may (or may not :-)) be interested in...
    the lady is lovely/ gifted and very real... and has tons of experience as she has been homeschooling forever (or so it seems to me)
    Anyways, as I said before, look forward to reading more. Reb

    1. Thanks Reb. I actually signed up for that blog yesterday! Thanks for suggesting it!

  2. Your kids are adorable! Can't wait to read more about your experiences.


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