Monday, May 28, 2012

Our Homeschooling Room

When first considering homeschooling I anticipated our work would occur around the dining room table in our open living space. The problem was it was getting too messy. I would encourage DS2 to bring out some lego or puzzles to do and they would end up everywhere. It also meant that when one person wanted to eat it meant packing everything up. It also felt like the kids were taking over the only 'nice' space in our house as the main living area of our home is generally a toy free zone.

So....we transformed our playroom into a school room.

homeschooling room

This means we can be doing bookwork at the table while someone else is reading on the couch and the others are happily playing with toys and puzzles.

play room

We were able to recycle our old dining table that had previously been sitting outside waiting for big rubbish day as well as an old couch. Although a little old and worn - they do the job!

So here is our space for now.

I'm always 'planning' so I've been looking at some shelving and storage options from Ikea so will update as new things develop.

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