The Reluctant Reader - Reading Challenge

DS6 isn't a reluctant reader. He's just reluctant to be challenged to develop his reading / comprehension ability. He seems to be better with non-fiction books and recalling facts but needs to work on recalling the story in a fiction book.

So, knowing that my son is very goal oriented - I established our 100 books reading challenge.

homeschool reading challenge

I was running low on colored paper so they look a little boring. Basically once DS6 reads a book he needs to answer 5 comprehension questions before he gets a sticker to add to the chart. Once he reads 25 books he gets a prize. Once he reads 100 books he gets a grand prize. Initially, he requested the prize be a family trip to Western Australia. Nice idea, but no. The grand prize is a new basketball ring - one that can be adjusted to junior and adult height. The other prizes are smaller - a DVD, a date with dad to the arcade and a trip to the movies.

school reading challenge

This has been successful in motivating DS6 to sit and read with me.

I'm going to set this up for DS4 as he has been asking for one too!


  1. Love this idea. Something to do with my little girl. I also use reading eggs comprehension book which I thought was quite good. I am currently in the throws of deciding whether to homeschool or to send my dd's to a montessori school. My dd loves her school and I do to but I would like to have a strong influence on her education. Decision Decisions.

  2. I also have a reluctant reader that loves to read easy books, but refuses to chalenge himself with a book that is his reading level. This looks ike a great way to try to get him to read more. What sort of questions do you ask him so he can earn a sticker?


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