Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Back To Homeschool 2013

homeschooling boys

It was back to homeschool for 2013 for my boys yesterday. 

This year I have a child in year 2, a son in reception and a three-year old (and of course, the baby). 

One of the benefits of homeschooling is being able to work to our own schedule. I do a bit of contract work during school terms so homeschooling during holiday times means we (I) can get a few weeks of pure homeschooling without juggling work committments.

We began the day with our new homeschool daily planner. The boys were really keen to see their new morning boards which I had prepared. I even introduced a morning board for DS3 which is really simple as I made the decision to begin including him in our morning routine the best I can.

The day went relatively smoothly except for meltdowns during music. Sadly, I've realised that I am not the best person to teach my children music. I am many things and one is a musician and I am really passionate about seeing them succeed in this area as they are naturally very musical. I think I put too much pressure on them so after discussions with my husband I decided to hand over the general music practice for a while as it is has become a little um, unpleasant. But at least we figured this out on day 1!

homeschooled children

The official homeschool part of the day ended with a trip to the library and some quiet reading. We are taking it easy this week but it's a great feeling to be back in to homeschool for a new year!

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