Learning About Reptiles - Alice Springs Reptile Center

Alice Springs reptile center

While travelling in the Northern Territory we visited the Alice Springs Reptile Center.

DS1 told me we HAD to see a crocodile while we were in the Northern Territory because otherwise the trip would be pointless! So, off we went. It was a fantastic opportunity for the boys to see and learn more about reptiles. It inspired many questions and opportunities for discussion as they were able to not only see snakes and lizards but also touch them.

Alice Springs reptile center

The reptile show was a good introduction to the world of reptiles and the kids were given the opportunity to hold a snake.

It's not a large center so we took our time reading the information provided then finished our morning by visiting what we had all been waiting for - Terry the crocodile.

Alice springs reptile center
The reptile center has an underground viewing area so you can see the crocodile up close and personal. It was fascinating. We stood for quite a while as he (she?) slowly moved through the water watching us very intently. Crocodiles are just so interesting!

Following our trip we did some google research about crocodiles and DS1 put together his own book on crocodile facts. It was great that it inspired him to find out more which we did once we got home - just one of the benefits of homeschooling!


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